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: V.I. Bojarintsev, L.K. Fionova, A.N. Samarin.

The Nobel Prize: an Honour or Not?

It is useful to remember the origins of "the most prestigious award in the world". The founder, Alfred Nobel, the third son of Emmanuel Nobel, was born in 1833 in Sweden. In 1842 his father moved to St.-Petersburg to work on developing mines. In 1859, his second son started to work with him. Alfred, who was forced to return to Sweden due to bankruptcy of family business, also dedicated himself to the study of explosive matters, especially of nitroglycerin. Thus all the Nobel family tended to be involved in the weapon production.

In 1862 came the first successful test of new explosive matter - future dynamite - was realized and a claim for patent was made. Nobel opened the Nitroglycerin plant in Sweden, which became the first of his own industrial group producing explosive matters. Then the chain of similar plants was created in Europe. Many explosions took place in the plants belonging to the Nobel family. One of them, in 1864, took the lives of Emil, the younger brother of Alfred, and several workers.

Alfred Nobel collected a sizable fortune from dynamite production and also from exploitation of oil fields in Baku (Azerbaijan - Russia) where the company "Nobel Brothers" was founded. Famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky, after a visit of brothers' Nobel oil industry wrote: "It's the picture of gloomy hell".

The last years of Alfred Nobel life were scandalous. Organizing the dynamite market, he sold his patent to Italy, causing the French government to accuse him of theft. His laboratory was closed. Then came the scandal connected with his participation in speculations related with Panama channel. The press called him "millionaire of the blood", "dealer of explosive death", "dynamite king" etc.

In 1888, eight years before real death of Alfred Nobel, one of the French newspapers has published an erroneous obituary, because the journalists had confused Alfred with his brother Ludwig. In obituary the dynamite discovery was harshly condemned. This event affected Alfred Nobel so much that, not willing to remain in the memory of humanity as "villain of the world scale", he decided to found the prize in five fields of study: medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and peacemaking.

In November of 1895, Alfred Nobel has signed the testament according to which a significant part of his capital - 31 million crowns - had to form the Nobel Prize Foundation. In this testament, Alfred Nobel stated that the prize must be awarded to those who bring the most benefit to humanity. Unfortunately, the Nobel Prize Committee does not follow this rule.

The Nobel Prize is formed from the profit from annual interests of main Nobel capital placed in the financial institutions, mainly in the American banks. Apparently, the Nobel Prize Committee cannot ignore this fact and therefore the number of American laureates exceeds significantly that of other countries. Because USA financial institutions are mostly controlled by the Jewish community, the percentage of Jews among the American - and not only American - Nobel Prize winners is especially high (.Fridman, "Jews - Nobel Prize winners", 2000).

According to the data of Leonid.Radzihovskiy ("Jewish Word" 41, 2004), among the 220 laureates now living, there are 82 Jews, 62 British-Americans, 15 Germans, 11 British, and 6 Chinese. Among laureates in physics, Jews reach 26 % (among American laureates - 38 %), in chemistry - 19 %, (among American laureates - 28 %), in medicine and physiology - 29 % (among American laureates - 42 %), in economics - 38 % (among American laureates - 53 %).

Citation from Leonid Radzihovskiy: "This amazing result becomes stunning if we consider the number of winners "per head" ... "Nobel density" of Jews is 1 per 100 thousands persons! ... For Ango-Saxons and Germans this density is 1 per million."

Another citation from the same paper: "In this year (2004) Swedes have excelled themselves: from 12 Nobel Prize winners 7 are Jews! If we consider science only, 6 Jews from 10 laureates... One would almost think that Swedes celebrate the Tora Feast by this manner". Tora Fest - Judaic holyday, dedicated to the end of Tora reading in synagogues. In 2004 this fest has concurred with the data of Nobel Prize awarding.

On the basis of that data Leonid Radzihovskiy concluded: "Jews ... who have studied Talmud are ideally prepared for intellectual activity. Therefore... among them, the percentage of scientists and Nobel Prize winners rather higher than among others European nations". Apparently, the journalist adheres to a nationalistic theory, rejected by democratic society. However, it looks like Nobel Prize Committee is guided by the same idea.

Activity of Nobel Prize Committee is unfair. For example, the name of genius creator of Periodic Table, Russian scientist Dmitriy Mendeleev, is absent among laureates. While he was nominated as a candidate three times, in 1905, 1906, 1907, the prize was not awarded on the pretext that he has made his discovery long ago. It's a double standard policy, because in many other cases this reason was not taken into account. For example, in 2003 Prize in physics was given to the rather elderly Jewish scientists from Russia Alexey Abrikosov and Vitaliy Ginzburg for the study of superconductivity, conducted over twenty years previously.

Generally speaking, during the entire existence of the Noble Prize award, the role of Russian and Soviet scientists was purposefully underestimated and ignored. The Russians were awarded very rarely. Up to 2009, only 19 citizens of the USSR and Russia have received 15 Nobel Prizes. This number is significantly less than that for residents of USA (304), Great Britain (114), Germany (100) or France (54). Awarding of Russians always had purely political - anti-russian and anti-soviet character.

So, the destroyer of the USSR Gorbachev was awarded and the writer Boris Pasternak has received the Nobel Prize not for his poems, which were good enough, but for a rather mediocre, but sharply anti-soviet novel "Doctor Zhivago". The Great Russian writers - Leo Tolstoy and Anton Tchehov were not awarded, while Ivan Bunin who, although talented, was significantly inferior to them, was awarded. Perhaps that was because Bunin emigrated from Russia. The poet from Russia Iosif Brodsky also was in emigration at the time of receiving the award. Moreover, in his poems he created extremely negative image of his former fatherland. The physicist Abrikosov was awarded when he already was an American citizen.

It is a well recognized fact that level of awarded scientists permanently descends. There are known many examples of unmerited awarding. Thus among the Nobel Prize winners is Albert Einstein, plagiarist who is a hero of a vast critical literature which contests his authorship in the relativistic theory creation. Hardly anyone knows that Einstein was awarded not for the widely advertised relativistic theory, but for a photo-effect where his authorship is also questionable.

The latest example of unmerited awarding - the Nobel Prize in ecology of the former vice-president of USA and an active member of the USA Jewish community Al Gor, whose contribution in the protection of the environment consists of one mediocre movie production.

The literary preferences of the Nobel Committee are rather scandalous. So, in 2004 Austrian writer Elfride Jelinek was awarded. She suffers from a hereditary mental illness. According to the critics, her novels are the mixture of pornography and sadism. Let's emphasize the word "critics", because the wide public, as a rule, does not read the works marked by the "honourable" prize.

In 2009, German writer Herta Muller was awarded. The titles of her works are very expressive, for example: "A Warm Potato is a Warm Bed", "A Lady Lives in the Hair Knot", "Lust", "An Outside View, or Life is a Fart in the Lantern". Apparently, the Nobel Prize in literature should be renamed as "prize for the cretinization of humanity".

The peak of cynicism of Nobel Committee is awarding of Martti Ahtisaari, the former president of Finland, who was the author of project of "independent Kosovo", which meant depriving Serbia of its primordial territory. Awarding for coarse violation of international low is a mockery of human rights and of the standards of civilized human society.

The motivation for awarding the Peace Prize to president of USA, which is the most fighting state in the world, remains a mystery to the public. The awarding formula offered by Nobel Committee "for extraordinary efforts in strengthening of international diplomacy and international collaboration" is just shocking. Barack Obama was awarded only nine months after entering the office, i.e. he simply did not have the time for "extraordinary efforts" mentioned.

Since the Nobel Prizes are often given for insignificant and rather disputable achievements, the winners become the heros of scandals. Thus Stigliz, the Prize winner in economics, proved using mathematical formulas that global economic crisis currently experienced by the world is impossible in principle. Another example: in 1932, thirteen years before the first atomic bomb explosion, Einstein said that there is no chance of using the atomic energy ever. For people who understand the situation, the name "Nobel Prize winner" does not sound as proud name because it means belonging to certain clan only.

Despite of increasing criticism of the Nobel Committee, reputation of the Nobel Prize as the most honorable award in the world is highly protected by the "scientific" clans and also by the governments and mass media who depend on the world financial system. Scientific administration which always follows government policy also idolizes the Nobel Prize.

So, is the Nobel Prize existence useful for science? Obviously not, because the Nobel Committee forms a pseudo-elites, who under the cover of high title of a laureate of "the most prestigious prize" occupy the highest positions in science, economics, politics.

The absolute power of the clan of the Nobel Prize winners in science has lead to the lowering of level and efficiency of study of those who do not meet the requirements of the situation in the world - which changes quickly- and did not decide the vital problems of humanity. As a result, science has ceased to carry out its main function - to provide the truthful knowledge about the world.

The powerful Nobel Prize Clan suppresses the really talented and independent scientists. In these conditions, who can rescue the humanity from economic and ecological collapse, when the creative and intelligent decisions will be required?

V.I.Boyarintsev L.K.Fionova A.N.Samarin

Inernational scientific researches. - 2010. - 1-2.

© : V.I. Bojarintsev, L.K. Fionova, A.N. Samarin., 2010

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